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Project Description
Application that in its current shape let you monitor build queues and finished builds in an easier way than what is possible throug the built in Build Explorer

This Project is based on an application that we started developing for monitoring of our build infrastructure that consists of five TFS Collections with at least one Build Controllers for each.

It din't take much time for us to realize that all our people out in the projects didn't follow our recommendations regarding how to configure CI builds and when to run lenghty builds based on whole branches. In short, every build was running for more than one hour and sometimes even close to 24 hours. Having over a thousand developers working over several hundreds of TFS Projects with a lot of builds in each Project it's not hard to see that the build queues were piling up and the response time became unacceptable.

So to be able to monitor all the controllers in an easy way and see only the information that we were interested in, we decided to create this application.

We can, however see that this application could be of use for the TFS Community and also that there's a lot of more goodness to build into it and that's why we ended up here on Codeplex with it.

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