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Running the installation package TFSBuildMonitorSetup.msi will install the application in a path selected by you, it also adds a shortcut on your desktop as well on the startmenu and also adds an uninstall shortcut for your conveniency.


The installation allows you to choose a refresh rate (in seconds) for the automatic queue refresh in the application. This value will be stored in the applications configuration file.


When starting the application the first thing you typically would do is to click the connect button to bring up the normal connect dialog for Team Explorer, here you choose your server and collection. The application has been tested against TFS Server as well as against TFS Services and should work with both. After selecting the TFS connection you continue by dropping down the combobox at the top this is to select a build controller. Once this is done the application will do an automatic refresh of the current controllers queue in the frequence that you selected during your installation. The refresh is only active as long as you stay on the queue tab.


In the finished tab you could enter a negative number for how many days back you would like to look at. Selecting –1 wll take the latest 24 hours and show you facts about all builds on that controller that falls within this timeframe.


In the total tab you can see how much the controller has been utilized by the different projects. Once again you enter a negativ number for how many days back it should gather the information. We also added a Cost field so you could easily add a certain cost per hour and it will show you how much that would give based on the hours each project have been building.


That’s about it, please play around with it and if you see any use of it then feel free to use it as much as possible.

If you consider it to be a good application we would appreciate if you spread the word about its existance.

Feel free to report any bugs or other feature requests on our page.

What we have planned for in the nearest future:

Stop, pause and prioritize builds in the Queue tab.

Export some xml or csv format on the Finished and Total tab.

ProgressBar when reading from TFS

Better exception handling.

Apply MVVM pattern to it.

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